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2005-05-25 :: 3:22 p.m.

the story of the gecko

Monday night I found a gecko in my apartment. Actually, I called it a "lizard", but have since learned that it was a gecko, which is, apparently, entirely different and special.

Anthony's car had broken down at my place the night before, and he'd taken Tuesday off work to work on it. So we agreed it would be easiest for everyone involved if he spent the night Monday, and then took me to work Tuesday morning so he could get tools and such to work on his car during the day.

Anyway, I was waiting for the time when I had to pick him up from work Monday night when I saw the gecko just above my bedroom window-- my cat was staring at it.

So I grabbed my keys and purse and made arrangements to stay with Grace until I had to pick him up. I did, and we watched A Streetcar Named Desire. Marlon Brando is dreamy, but sometimes difficult to understand.

At last I go get Anthony and we make the long drive back to my apartment. When we arrived, the critter was still up in the loft, but this time on the wall closest to my bed. Anthony climbed on the bed armed with a paper cup and an empty sudafed box.

He then made the discovery that it was not, in fact, a lizard, but a gecko. He then proceeded to beg me to let him keep it. I was distraught and said "no! just get it out of my home!!" to which he would respond, "But it's a gecko." Things went along like this for a while until Anthony finally relented and caught the thing in the sudafed box. He then brought it outside and came back in carrying only the cup and pouting (pouting because I wouldn't let him keep it). I thanked him and apologized for not letting him keep it.

It was then that he said "Guess what" and flung the cup at my face. The cup was empty-- it was just a trick-- but I was high-strung enough to believe the gecko was in there, so I screeched loudly and then started bawling. Which made Anthony feel guilty.

The whole point of this story is that, although I am pretty happy here now, if I had moved to Cincinnati, I wouldn't be finding geckos or lizards in my home. So there.

Right now I am listening to copier and am feeling tired.

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