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2005-05-28 :: 12:11 p.m.

Comedy Corner girls gone sleepover!

Okay... so I've re-discovered how much fun sleepovers are! And there more fun when you're "grown-up" because a) no parents and b) alcohol!

We had the first (let's hope the first of many) "Girls of Comedy Corner" sleepover party at my apartment last night. In attendance were Comedy Corner girls Hellen, Andrea, Laine, and me (Olivia-- HALO again) and honorary Comedy Corner girls Deanna and Grace (they're like groupies but better). Grace made her famous Rum Punch and I made 20 servings of frozen appletinis in a bucket that I got from Target (foolproof for me, even). Plus I had mango flavored vodka, but only Grace and I each had a shot, so there is still a mostly-full bottle left.

We watched movies (Muriel's Wedding, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Bend it Like Beckham and Say Anything) and drank lots and played MASH!

That's right! We played MASH! And Laine is going to marry Dyhr! And make $27/hr as a fake psychic!

I was so happy Andrea was there in spite of her cat allergies-- we don't get to hang out much and she's moving to Chicago soon.

Laine, as usual, was the life of the party.

Lookit Hellen being all swank and sophisticated with her Rum Punch.

Laine put a bra on Hellen's face. It was funny.

Laine's holding the butterfly, Hellen's holding the butterfly food. Apparently boys think that the green pillow "feels like a boob", which is odd considering the pillow is filled with PVC pellets, and boobs are not.

I also came up with a good quote about boys last night, worthy of writing on my ceiling back home. Grace and Hellen and I were talking about boyfriends (not long after Anthony and Steve crashed the party to hand out New Kevin/Secret Show flyers... boo boys) and I said, "A lot of guys shower and change their underwear everyday, but a lot of guys are assholes, too."

Right now I am listening to birdies chirping and am feeling sleeeepy.

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