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2005-04-25 :: 2:26 p.m.

time to kill at work

Well, I'm at work and, once again, my hands are tied. I'm waiting for Quality Assurance (QA) to release the raw material I need to make my formulation. Fortunately I was able to do one formulation already today almost without incident. Without incident that had anything to do with me, anyway.

Here are some things I will be posting pictures of soon:

1) Going to the county fair with Deanna and Grace (Deanna works for the WB station-- a sponsor-- and scored free passes and wristbands for unlimited rides). I had almost forgotten how much fun it was just being with Deanna and Grace.

2) My first tattoo. It's a full-color cherry blossom (think flower, not fruit) in the center of my back, slightly below the shoulder blades. It's fantastic, but I am still a little sore.

Oh yeah-- for any of you in the Tucson Metropolitan Area, you should clear your calendar this Friday and go to Comedy Corner's S.I.C.K. Festival. The headliner is a stand-up comic named Demetri Martin who is moderately well-known but wildly funny (from what little I've seen). But everyone should go because it will probably be a lot of fun. This friday, 29 April at 6:30 pm in Social Sciences 100 at the University of Arizona.


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