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2005-04-18 :: 3:41 p.m.

Monday's bad, so the week must improve.

Gah. Surprisingly, my headache has subsided.

Some highlights of the last few days:

1) I messed up a formulation that was not really my fault, so my scientist wasn't upset with me or anything, but the other formulators began treating me as though I was incapable of wiping my own ass. This, however, subsided as a couple of days later I schooled three other formulators in algebra (as in, three of them were confused about what calculations to use while I came up with some on my own that were perfect); one of them that I find particularly annoying even said in surprise "did you come up with those calculations yourself?". Then, another formulator messed up a formulation all by herself, thus eliminating any right she had to treat me like a moron. Punkt slut (that's Swedish for "case closed").

2) Friday was team building day at work, which essentially boils down to a mandatory company picnic minus the families. I got sunburned and heat exhaustion. Boo. I did make some useful observations about stuff/people, so it wasn't a total loss.

More importantly, I got to visit with Sierra, who was visiting from D.C. for the weekend, at a small get-together at Justin's house Friday night. I had a fantastic time, but it only served to remind me that I miss Sierra a lot. Especially since it turns out she won't be back in Tucson in May, after all.

3)Saturday and Sunday were spent with Anthony in Phoenix for the Phoenix Improv Festival. It would have been a lot fun but for the fact that I seem to be allergic to Phoenix or something. Meaning, every time I've ever gone to Phoenix proper, I've gotten sick. This time, it seems as though I had a relapse of the heat exhaustion. We took one 2-block walk in the midday heat and I was all a-headached and nauseous for the rest of the day. Plus, for some reason, my right eye was really irritated and bloodshot. Boo.

Add to that the fact that Anthony nearly got us killed by losing control of the car and spinning out on the expressway-- spinning across three lanes of traffic and winding up facing the exact opposite direction, all the while miraculously avoiding hitting anything.

4)And the coup de grace: this morning as I am going to work, I am turning left at an intersection, when a woman runs the red light and grazes the front bumper of my car. The good news is that the only damage on my car is to the paint on my bumper. Not even any dents or broken lights. Her car, on the other hand, is unsafe to drive. The bad news is that it happened really close to work, so many of the people I work with saw me and I had to deal with a lot of embarrassing "dude, were you in a car accident?" questions. But I guess they're only "embarrassing" because I am a bit touchy about it because the situation itself is so frustrating and annoying (i.e. I didn't do anything wrong, but now I have to deal with insurance and a whole can of worms there).

Ok. Ranting done. All my work is done, so maybe my boss will let me go home now. Blah.

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