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2005-04-14 :: 11:01 p.m.

my head hurts. a lot.

I have a raging headache. Have had it for the past several days, actually. Since Tuesday. Boo.

I slept little last night despite the fact that I went to bed early. At 3 am I heard gunshots right outside my apartment. I called 911, but not before someone else did. Stayed awake for 2 hrs waiting to hear back from the police, only to learn that they were not, in fact, gunshots, but dry ice bombs set off by a bunch of stupid kids. Douchebags.

Work... at work I am now doing the work that was originally split between two people, but now belongs ONLY to me. I blame the recent headache on this.

Speaking of work, tomorrow is a "team-building day", which basically boils down to a mandatory company picnic. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

After team-building day at work tomorrow, I'm heading off to Phoenix again for Phoenix Improv Festival all weekend. Laura (from work-- old stability teammate) will be up there all weekend as well so while Anthony is busy in improv workshops, I can pal around with Laura, who is still awesome.

Ok. Counting the minutes until lunch...

Right now I am listening to and am feeling

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