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2005-04-06 :: 4:03 a.m.

a happy ending, at least

This weekend was pure craziness.

It began with the Comedy Corner ASU rehearsal/Tip-Cup practice at Justin's Friday night. I was absolutely at the top of my game. Perhaps a little too good, in fact.

By the end of the evening, I was playing Tip-Cup with only water, but I was so smashed I wasn't even drinking it, choosing to dump it down my front instead. AND I was STILL able to nail the very first flip.

So, yeah, I got a bit drunk again. But this time I felt safe so it was O.K.

The true craziness happened on Saturday when we went to ASU's Sun Devil Comedy Festival. I can sum up the festival in two words: Garbage Dump. The ASU groups were horrible and the "Headliner" was just a bunch of ASU alum in a group. Awful.

Usually there is a cast party after such a binge, where we challenge ASU at Tip-Cup (why we practiced the night before). This year, however, they didn't even have one organized. So low-class.

So, after some discussion following the show, we decided to just cut our losses and head back to Tucson where we would have our own, ASU-free cast party.

Matt and I rode back with Anthony. As we were navigating through the University area in Tempe, we passed a crowded bar in front of which the car in front of us slammed into a drunken pedestrian going about 40 mph (the car, not the pedestrian). I just saw a human form step in front of the car, and then I saw stuff flying everywhere and the car swerving-- the whole time Anthony was narrating in a shocked voice: "We just saw someone get hit by a car."

It seemed like I stayed in the car for a long time before getting out. I distinctly remember hesitating and thinking, "let someone else take care of it." But according to Matt and Anthony, I was out of the car the instant we stopped. Anthony said he looked up to find my door open and me running to the body.

I don't remember how I got to the body, or how fast, but I do remember first seeing his legs all bent up at odd angles. He wasn't moving at all and for a split second I thought "What if he's dead? Then I'll have to start CPR and I don't know if I can stomach that." But I pushed the thought aside and ran to the victim's head. There was blood everywhere. I said,in as steady a voice I could manage, "I'm certified in Community First Aid and CPR. I'm going to help you and you're going to be O.K."

The victim then opened his eyes and tried to sit up. I told him not to move and held his head in place as best I could, but he wouldn't stop moving. He kept trying to talk but was gurgling blood all over the place. It was messy and awful and horrifying, but it didn't occur to me until after I was back in the car with Matt and Anthony (a doctor had joined me and took charge of the situation).

The gravity of the situation didn't hit me until we were back at Justin's place in Tucson (for yet another Tip-Cup-intensive party) and Anthony said "I don't think he'll make it"; at which I promptly burst into tears.

It all has a happy ending, though. At Laura's urging, I called the Tempe Police Department's Public Information Officer yesterday, who informed me that the victim had, in fact, survived.

So, I am much much relieved. And the ASU trip wasn't a total loss in that, as Justin pointed out to me, we were able to better bond as a group.

Yes, indeedy-- united by the absolute suckiness of everything ASU.

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