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2005-02-01 :: 7:30 p.m.

what happy feels like

Well. Someone once told me one could live, or write about living, but never at the same time. So, lately I've been doing less writing and more living.

Which is good.

I had a phone interview today with another Procter and Gamble rep-- this one was a woman in R&D in the home care division, focusing on fragrances. The interview went really well (much better than my first P&G phone interview); she asked me a lot of questions not only about my work and research experience, but my volunteer experience and was even interested in how I speak French and Spanish. And then she discussed in great detail what would go on in a site visit ("we would pay for it, of course").

So, yes, it went well. But more than that, it was wonderful how supportive Laura and Jen were. In fact, Jen gave me her copy of my resum� that she'd been given from Staffmark so that I could use it in my interview (I got the phone message at work and called during lunch, so I didn't have my resume handy). So yeah, good stuff.

Plus, Work-Justin keeps "pulling my pigtails" (Laura's phrase), which is always an ego-boost.

I am beginning to feel pretty good about myself and where my life is right now. I have a degree. I have a job I love, with more prospects all the time. I am surrounded by fantastic people that-- guess what-- don't seem to mind my company. I'm ok. Everything will be fine.

After years of being cast aside, overlooked, ignored and just shoved down, my life is good.

For the first time... ever... I find myself thinking to myself, this is what happy feels like.

Right now I am listening to "Space Dog", Tori Amos and am feeling great.

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