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2005-01-30 :: 10:00 a.m.

the week where I didn't sleep

Wow... it has been so long... again. Maybe I was wrong about the effect working 7 days-a-week would have on my life. So much has happened in the past week, I really don't know where to begin...

MONDAY: Work at both Ventana and Nalco. Then rehearsal. Nothing exciting here.

TUESDAY: More Ventana, then went to Anthony and Grace's house for a very special Gilmore Girls episode (courtesy of Deanna). Also, Justin called and we discussed the possiblity of him coming to visit me again, soon.

WEDNESDAY: Training for the Arizona Distance Classic was cancelled due to rain, but I still had Comedy Corner rehearsal, where I was surprised by the appearance of Ian, an old member who moved to NY this summer (right along with half the people I know). So I wound up going out with a group (Sierra, Al, Ian, "Dyr=" and Dougmatt) to a dive bar after rehearsal and not getting home until after 3 am. It was fun, but I sort of regretted the lateness because...

THURSDAY: Work at Ventana, beginning 7am. It was sort of fun because Jenn and Laura (the other temp) kept pumping me with coffee and soda not just to keep me awake, but to make me hyper (they both love it when I am insanely hopped-up on caffeine; they claim it makes the day go faster); also, "J" from the QC lab was trying to chat me up a lot, which normally would have been cute and fun, but I was so tired and bleeding energy all day, my responses were pretty limp. Then, after work, I went with Jenn and Laura and their husbands to the Nimbus Brewery to see Jenn's friend's bluegrass band play. I wanted to be able to meet the people they talk about all the time, so I was eager to go, but I was still SO TIRED. Plus I felt awkwardly young around Jenn and Laura and their husbands and friends (Jenn and Laura are both thirty). But it was fun, anyway. I got home and at last I slept.

FRIDAY: Water testing. Blehhh. Laura and I managed to get most of R&D done before anyone got there though, so it wasn't too bad. We were like water ninjas. I did manufacturing by myself, which was no problem. The evening was spent first with Ingrid and Dawn at Denny's, then briefly at Director-Justin's house so I could say goodbye to Ian and Sarah.

SATURDAY: Got in a fight with my mom about how she is unapologetically selfish. She just refuses to see how she uses people. I think she is also resentful that I can support myself, something she's never been able to do. The evening cheered me up greatly; I got to spend it with Deanna, Grace, and Anthony at Plush, where we mostly sat back and tried to talk over the sound of a mediocre band fronted by a boy with poofy hair and absurdly tight pants. Despite Mr. Tightpants, it was actually very fun.

SUNDAY: Ok. This is exciting. I just got an email from Justin (not to be confused with Work-Justin or Director-Justin or any of the dozen other Justins I know) saying that he looked up a San Francisco to Tucson fare from Southwest and it's only $65 each way! We're going to split the fare and he's going to come visit! Soon! And I'm going to take a Friday off of work so he can see me perform in a Comedy Corner show!!! I am so, so excited!!!!!

Ok, enough exclamation points for now. I'm so happy! Time for Nalco, now!

Right now I am listening to Katy on the phone and am feeling jazzed.

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