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2005-01-01 :: 3:00 p.m.

the year of the thistle

Lots of people, it seems, post their new year resolutions in their online journal/diary. I've had mine for nearly three years, and I've never done this.

Actually, I don't think I've ever made a new year resolution... not seriously, anyway.

I mean, I frequently resolve to do things; change things about myself and my life that I don't like; but I just make these "resolutions" as they come into my head.

But, since it is a new year, I thought I'd do a quick inventory of the events of the past year. The things in bold are major achievements for me.


Okay. At this point in time last year, I was pretty unhappy. Miserable, even. I was still digesting all the new ideas and advice given to me by Justin, and I was trying to make things better, but I didn't seem to be making much progress.

I got to visit with Morgen, which was fantastic. I had a few friends that I hung out with (mostly Ingrid, who later introduced me to Dawn).

I began my last full semester of school and my third year volunteering in the emergency room at UMC.

By February I was keeping pretty busy and wasn't so lonely all the time anymore.

In March I auditioned for Comedy Corner and was accepted. As Justin would say, "This is not something that shy people do."

Got so busy I barely had time to eat and sleep. and definitely no time for being depressed.

Kicked ass at inorganic synthesis and quantum physical chemistry. Unh. Eat that, stupid high school math teacher.

Graduated in a ceremony where my own cousin was the speaker (or whatever they're called). Had to have separate "celebrations" with mom and dad family... because apparently my parents are both in junior high and in fact are not adults.

Fought with my parents a lot about their bitter divorce and subsequent childish behavior.

Went back to WP for half the summer. Spent a lot of time with Leah and Sarah and Katrina. Also spent a lot of time in the futile search for summer work.

Was in Sarah's wedding.

Went to my defunct high school's all-class reunion. Ran into a lot of people I used to know. Learned that some people just never grow up. Learned that others do... with positive results.

Made a 45-hour cross-country trip SOLO (plus the cat)-- including a side trip visit to David's place... where I learned more about myself and what I am capable of... among other things.

Went through a series of crappy, low-paying, dead-end jobs.

got a real job in a lab, albeit part-time.

Got another real job in a lab. Full time but temporary.

Wrecked my car, couldn't move to Cincinnati after all. Was heartbroken.

Liked my new job after all, wasn't so bummed about having to stay.

Realized that I'd made a lot of friends in the past year. A lot.

So... it's been a pretty good year, all things considered. My resolution for this year is pretty broad and vague: Keep improving. I'll work out the details as I come upon them.

Right now I am listening to the heater and am feeling good.

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