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2004-12-31 :: 4:18 p.m.

with such a shitty start, the year can only get better

Guess what! It's 2:19 pm MST on December 31, 2004! My flight from Minneapolis arrived at Tucson International Airport two hours and twenty-nine minutes ago! Guess who wasn't on that plane? ME!

Why not? Well, I never even made it to Minneapolis. Because all flights from Houghton/Hancock were cancelled today.

Wait-- it gets SO MUCH BETTER! There are no flights until Sunday morning!


So, guess what I am doing for New Year's Eve? Sitting at my dad's house, with only a frozen pizza for company! Woo! Yeah!

Good mood from yesterday-- totally vaporized.

Right now I am listening to Neil playing GTA in the next room and am feeling lonely.

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