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2005-04-01 :: 9:53 a.m.

stuff over a month

Well,it's April now. Weird, huh?

My only internet time now is at work (connecting from home is a pain-- I get the wireless, but only weakly), which is where I am now-- in the Formulations lab.

A couple of funny stories from the past couple of weeks:

Casey called me a couple of weeks ago to inform me that he'd spent the day with David. Casey lives in Columbus now, same as David, and a mutual friend from H.S. came to visit them both. Anyway, Casey said he called because the whole time he was there with David, he kept wondering what I ever saw in David; pointing out that he is extremely immature and un-funny and just stupid. Said Casey, "I kept trying to imagine what your converstaions must have been like, and I just couldn't figure it out." He then went on to say, "He's just not good enough for you. Not even close." So that made me feel better, and you know, he's right. Also, it feels good to know that even after all these years, Casey's still looking out for me.

Then, I got last Friday (Good Friday) off because it's a paid holiday at work, so I got to be in the annual Comedy Corner Blasphemy Show. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to No Anchovies (a local pizza/beer place) for lunch. I was wearing the bunny costume (ears on a headband and bunny snout on a rubber band on my face) that we used in the show because I thought it was cute and funny. So we get to the patio at No Anchovies and, who are the first people I see there? None other than a handful of people I work with at Ventana-- Justin, Will, Jeremy, and later Nikki (A.K.A. Douchebag McDouchealot, Squirrel-Boi, and Double-Bubble Trouble, respectively between me and Laura). Of course I scrambled to get the costume off since they were looking at me so strangely.

I was embarrased at first, but then I realized that I was with a big group of fun friends, having all just performed in a show, while they were all hanging out with each other on their day off. Laaaaame.

So now my nickname (from Nikki and Jeremy) is "Bugs" (super-lame) and (from Will) "The Little Rabbit" (not as bad but still pretty lame). So far Justin is the only one who hasn't made fun of me.

In short, work is dull.


Last night Anthony made me and Grace watch a Japanese movie called "Visitor Q". He insisted it was a fantastic movie. It was certainly... different, but most definitely the least-enjoyable film I've ever seen. Grace seemed to be of the same mind, as we both did nothing but cringe through the entire movie. We then berated Anthony about it endlessly after the movie ended.

But then we went to his New Kevin show and, just as they were starting, he apologized to both me and Grace onstage and brought me flowers from the Comedy Corner prop closet. Which was cute

Right now I am listening to and am feeling

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