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2005-01-12 :: 1:41 p.m.

miles to go before I sleep, literally

I am so very tired. I've been running around all day here, and I've actually accomplished quite a lot. But now I have nothing left to do until my boss gets back from her meeting, and that's not for another 15 min.

This afternoon I start training for the Arizona Distance Classic run sponsored by Ventana (Ventana Employees get to work with a personal trainer at a 70% discount, plus free race registration. Rock.) I just got an email from Krispy saying she's registered, too, so at least I will have a running buddy.

I haven't seriously been running since high school and so I must be woefully out of shape, but distance running (and swimming, at that) always came so naturally that I'm not worried. In fact, I'm pretty excited. Besides, I have two months before race day; plenty of time to whip myself into reasonably good shape... probably... maybe.

Also, Comedy Corner rehearsals begin tonight. Although I can't do most Friday shows anymore (stupid grown-up world), I'm still excited about maybe learning to write more/better and hopefully improving my improv-ing.

Plus, just being in that setting means that I am laughing a lot, and that's exactly what I need right now.

Right now I am listening to the annoying calypso ring-tone of the girl in the opposite cube and am feeling burned-out

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