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2005-01-10 :: 12:10 p.m.

Monday in the lab

I don't know why, but I am feeling unusually queasy. I think it may be because I was doing stuff involving smelly, organic chemicals in a not-well-ventilated room. But I'm not sure.

I get to spend all day in the lab today, which made me happy. But I haven't seen Mr. Fun Guy around much today which was somewhat disappointing. Still feeling sorta down and just like some attention (as much as I hate to admit it); Mr. Fun Guy takes some of the edge off of that.

Krispy is gone, in R&D, now... it's sorta lonely now. Jennifer wants to hire me permanently and just not get another temp. She thinks we can handle the CE mark project with just the two of us, and then she'll need me after the project is over just to divy up the load of her everyday work.

Now that the David thing has... fizzled... for the time being at least... the desire to move to Ohio has become less urgent. But maybe that's just my moodiness talking. Criminy.

Right now I am listening to the annoying dude in the opposite cubicle and am feeling queasy.

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