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2004-12-09 :: 11:17 a.m.

annual illness

I am sick. My annual battle against the Cold is upon us and I am miserable. Today is my last full day of work for the week, though, so relief. Only 3:45 hours to go!

Also, my boss is sick and has gone home, leaving Krispy and me with no work to do. So here we sit.

Oh yeah, and, of course, there is drama involved in acquiring this new apartment. Criminy criminy.

I am looking forward to going home around christmas for one week. I am also looking forward to my noontime nap in my car. Boo to being sick.

Oh... and I forgot to renew my membership until just now, so all my images have been/will be for a while broken. Sorry.

Right now I am listening to and am feeling

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