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2004-12-01 :: 6:05 p.m.

Olivia goes corporate

Some stuff about my job at Ventana:

Every Monday and Wednesday the flavored coffee in the cafeteria is free. I have never been a coffee drinker, but it's free, and with the addition of lots of sugar, is actually quite good. So I had many cups of free coffee today to get me through the mind numbingness of doing data entry for reagent stabilities.

So, by lunchtime I was practically vibrating from the caffeine.

In other Ventana corporate stuff, a couple of weeks ago we had the monthly company meeting where everyone gathers in the cafeteria and listens to the CEO prattle on about wonky corporate stuff. One of the things he talked about was the company's culture shift.

Today everyone received a memo outlining the culture shift, which consists of seven principals, or "pilars". Also on the memo was an order for everyone to write down "which pilar means the most to them" and why.

The very first pilar is called "Align to Shine" and I asked my boss if I could pick that one as my favorite and give the reason why as "because it rhymes". My boss laughed and then said maybe it wouldn't be a good idea; the CEO might get mad and not give me my golf shirt (everyone gets a golf shirt for doing this).

But I was so buzzed on caffeine that I kept thinking of the Align to Shine rhyme every five minutes and giggling.

But I really knew I was in trouble when I tripped over my desk chair and fell into it as it rolled into my desk. My co-worker, Krispy (seriously-- that's her real name) saw me out of the corner of her eye and we both started laughing uncontrollably.

It was embarrassing having to explain to my boss why I had tears streaming down my face.

Yes, I am easily amused and no, I don't think I will be partaking of the free flavored coffee in the cafeteria come Monday.

Right now I am listening to "The Simpsons" and am feeling punchy.

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